IPT Activities

The "How Can I Afford Retirement?"® program is an investor education and protection program that brings State Securities Regulators’ offices together with local public libraries to provide investor education and protection seminars to the community through the library.

How Can I Afford Retirement?® is targeted towards individuals who are thinking about retirement or are recently retired. The purpose of the program is to provide access to objective, non-commercial information about investing for retirement so individuals can make informed choices, recognize and avoid misleading investment advice and scams, and learn ways to better manage their retirement investments. Each event has several components including a topical presentation by a financial expert, a briefing on library resources, small group facilitated discussions and a question and answer session.

IPT began its relationship with public libraries in 2006 by launching a nationwide investor education and protection pilot program in public libraries in partnership with the American Library Association. During the pilot phase of the program, State Securities Regulators’ offices partnered with libraries in 20 states to offer free seminars on investment education.

Investor Education Booklets and Trifolds

IPT worked with the Kiplinger Washington Editors to draft seven investor education booklets as part of IPT’s investor education and protection programs in public libraries. The booklets tackle the basics of several key investor topics such as stocks and bonds. Each booklet has a complementary trifold.

IPT Investor Education Booklets and Trifolds

Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning

IPT has partnered with the U.S. Department of Labor to distribute its "Taking the Mystery Out Of Retirement Planning" to individuals participating in the How Can I Afford Retirement?® program.

Taking the Mystery Out Of Retirement Planning